Sei-ki, from the Shiatsu tradition, comes from the work of Kishi Akinobu, Masunaga’s top disciple and a major influence of Shiatsu worldwide. This workshop is exploration of hara-culture and Sei-ki. We will look at what hara-culture, hara-knowing and hara development are and how these relate to Sei-ki. This will include talks, discussions and practical exercises.

The classes will include some Sei-ki kata (exercises) to do at a later point or with a partner during the workshop. For those without a practice partner, we will practice hara development and sensitivity together.


Alice Whieldon, Ph.D. worked closely with Kishi Akinobu until his death in 2012.  She was honoured to be the voice of Kishi in the dissemination of Sei-ki in which role she initiated and co-wrote the seminal book on the subject in collaboration with Kishi.  She has presented Sei-ki in workshops and written about it for almost 20 years.

Alice also practises the work of Charles Berner who developed the Enlightenment Intensive workshops (a fusion of Zen sesshin and western psychological methods) and Mind Clearing.  This, and her academic background in philosophy, theology and religious studies, enables her to place this work in a wider context and explain it in ways that help people bring Sei-ki more into their lives and work.  She is an experienced educator and teacher trainer and has worked for the Open University in London for two decades.  She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in recognition of excellence in teaching and learning.