Seiki Online: Hara/Koshi - 6 CE HOURS


Self-Shiatsu for Stress Relief

Relief from pain, tension and stress is right at your fingertips! Learn self-shiatsu routines for major acupressure points that will treat common stress-related conditions and balance emotional unrest. This online course consists of a six-hour reco


Shiatsu for End-of-Life Care

In this class, you will learn the Chinese Medicine perspectives on the end of life. You will learn shiatsu techniques to help ease the transition for the dying, which you can also share with caregivers and family, providing a tangible support role fo


Meridians 12 Qigong Teacher Training Level 1

In the Meridians 12 Qigong Teacher Training, students learn a full set of movements and mind focuses for their own personal self-care practice. You will then learn to teach and share these techniques to help your clients achieve the same sense of pu